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It is an invasive physiotherapy technique , based on the stimulation of neuro-reactive points in the body using dry needles and electrotherapy equipment.

The dorsal horn of the spinal cord is stimulated through trunks or peripheral nerve branches, sensory, motor, autonomic or the muscular motor point.




➡️ Improvement in pain and neuro-musculoskeletal dysfunctions, both acute and chronic, restoring the function of the nervous system.

➡️ Improves the tensegrity and flexibility of the tissues.

➡️ Improves neuromuscular function, recruitment patterns, motor control and proprioception.





⏺ Altered muscle tone

fascial retractions

Ligamentous injuries

⏺ Capsulo-ligamentous pathologies


Herniated discs associated with radiculopathies

⏺ Nervous traps



It is highly effective in patients with neuropathic pain and athletes, improving performance, with symptoms related to peripheral and central sensitization processes.

Fisioterapia invasiva

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