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Fisioterapeuta deportivo

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Fisioterapeuta deportivo

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fisioterapeuta alvaro


Fisioterapeuta deportivo

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Especialista en suelo pélvico

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Entrenador personal y readaptador deportivo

As health professionals, Fisiotherapy Madrid is a way to exercise a profession that we are passionate about, focused on improving the quality of life of our patients .


Led by a young team of specialists in sports physiotherapy and physical activity and sports sciences, we have been serving our patients for more than 5 years in the Tetuán neighborhood.


Transferring our knowledge and passion for this profession to provide personal and individualized attention , with the aim of making each patient feels unique.

We love what we do, it is our hallmark. We conceive of treatment as a relationship of trust between patient and therapist, actively involving them in their recovery. Your goals are ours.

Our vocation for this profession means that we are in a continuous learning process, updated on the latest developments in the field of physiotherapy and sport.


The techniques and treatments applied in our practice are based on scientific evidence , a method and a philosophy that guarantees clinical success. It is the way in which we believe that it is correct to work, being as honest as possible with our patients , offering a service with refuted and reprehensible bases.

Fisioterapia Fascitis | Fisiotherapy Madrid | Madrid

"Perfect and professional treatment. In my case I have had ankle problems for a long time. Two doctors did not know how to identify the cause and I have solved the problem despite the fact that the trauma gave me up as lost. 100% recommended. Clear explanations of the injuries and exercises to perform after treatment. "

Tratamiento Fisioterapia | Fisiotherapy Madrid | Madrid

"I have been there twice and I am delighted. The first day he gave me a thorough diagnosis (which they had never done before) and he informed me about the possible causes of my problem, and the treatment after ten, I felt much better . He uses different techniques for each thing, it is not a simple massage, and it is clear that there is a great dedication to give the best treatment to his patients. In short, very personal treatment, a very nice guy and good results. Lucky to have found the."

Estiramiento Fisioterapia | Fisiotherapy Madrid | Madrid

"100% recommendable. I came to the center through good opinions on the internet and thanks to them I will be able to participate in the next race against cancer on Sunday. It has helped me recover from an injury in a very short time. given guidelines to continue training and recover on time. I am delighted with the treatment and treatment received. Great professionals, as well as beautiful people. You can see that they like their work. "

Sesión de Fisioterapia | Fisiotherapy Madrid | Madrid

"I have gone to several physios and without a doubt this center is the best I have ever been in. Very pleasant treatment, availability of schedules (they always try to adapt to the hours available for my work), very high professional level, they fixed a problem of sprained the wrist in a few sessions and it was perfect. Totally recommended. "

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