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Manual therapy is the set of therapeutic and / or preventive methods that we apply manually to muscle, bone, conjunctive and nervous tissues, which normalize the various disorders , as well as their painful manifestations.

Manual therapy techniques are specific to pain management , and are commonly applied in the field of sports physiotherapy . With them we obtain in a direct way or reflect physiological reactions that balance and normalize the different tissues.

Their main  goal is to recover movement when the joints have a restriction in it, to relieve joint or muscle pain , to excite or inhibit the nervous system, muscle, among others. And immediately improve the functionality of the individual .

Among the most applied methods among physiotherapists we find that of Mulligan, Kaltenborn, Mackenzie, Maitland, Myofascial therapy, cyriax or transverse massage, among others.

The manual therapy techniques can be divided into two large groups:

  • Neuromuscular : teno-muscle-fascial stretching, contraction-relaxation, reciprocal inhibition, positioning correction, trigger point inhibition, neurodynamics.

  • Articulars : low speed articular rhythmic mobilization, glides, oscillations, pulls, combined techniques, high speed impulse techniques, direct, indirect and combined.

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